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At Work Dubuisson Seminars, every job deserves a beer.

Working at the Brasserie Dubuisson means benefiting from a fullyequipped professional environment while sharing good times with your colleagues, customers or team.

Our seminar rooms, inaugurated in the Château de Ghyssegnies in 2024, have been entirely designed around the Brasserie’s products. Each room has been carefully designed to reflect the unique world of its beers, offering a working experience like no other.

Working at the Brasserie Dubuisson means holding a meeting with colleagues in the comfort of the “Dubuisson” board room, or enjoying a beer and an informal chat in the Bush lounge next door. It means organising an event for your customers in the Trolls room, taking advantage of its modularity, and then finally winning them over, over a drink on the rooftop. It means offering your employees a training session or conference in the Pêche Mel’ room, followed by a high-quality lunch.

It means organising a teambuilding exercise with a debriefing in the morning, a hearty and sociable meal in the tavern at midday, a tour of Belgium’s oldest brewery in the afternoon, and an escape game to round off the day. Quite simply, and above all, it’s about discovering a unique and versatile space for organising original and sociable events, where every detail has been thought through to create an exceptional professional experience.

Our activities

Brewery tour

A visit to Brasserie Dubuisson is a chance to immerse yourself in the history of Belgium’s oldest family brewery and discover a company that is looking to the future.

Interactive experience

To explore the Dubuisson Beerstorium is to engage in a captivating, interactive experience of the Belgian brewing world, while learning and understanding beer and the history of the Brasserie Dubuisson in a fun way. You’ll go on an immersive adventure that promises a rewarding and unforgettable exploration.

Petanque tournament

Our petanque courts are available for organising a tournament between colleagues. It's guaranteed to be a friendly and enjoyable experience!

Walking in the region

We're taking you on a country walk along the footpaths (piedsentes or piedsintes in Picardy) and lanes of a commune that boasts three craft breweries alone!
  • Coffee/tea/still water package
    • Day : 8,18€/p. (EXCL. VAT)
    • Half day : 4,88€/p. (EXCL. VAT)
  • Beer & soft drinks: self-service bar
    • Assortment of our 33cl bottles
    • Priced per unit on the basis of a breakdown at the end of the event
    • Drinks rate
  • Breakfast break2 cakes of your choice per person – 3,67€/p. (EXCL. VAT)
  • Cold aperitif breakCold savoury tapas with Boudin blanc, Paté, Cheese, Sausage à la Bush Caractère – 3,67€/p. (EXCL. VAT)
  • Sandwich break “Caractère”– 9,37€/p. (EXCL. VAT)
  • Sandwich break “Prestige” – 12,50€/p.(EXCL. VAT)
  • Chef’s soup – served at 11am – 3,12€/p. (EXCL. VAT)
  • Snack break – Neuhaus pralines – 13,39€/250gr – 26,79€/500g – 53,57€/1kg (EXCL. VAT)
  • Snack break – Shortbread biscuits from the Vienne bakery – 10,71€/250gr – 21,43€/500g – 42,86€/1kg (EXCL. VAT)
  • Special of the day
    • Dish of the day + 1 drink 25cl (beer or soft drink) + 1 coffee
    • 15,98€/p. (EXCL. VAT)
  • Our seasonal group menus
    • Choice of 3 starters, 3 main courses and 3 desserts
    • 3-course menu (starter, main course, dessert) – 32,95€/p. (EXCL. VAT)
    • 2-course menu (starter, main course) – 26,70€/p. (EXCL. VAT)
    • 2-course meal (main course, dessert) – 24,02€/p. (EXCL. VAT)
Practical information